Travel the world in Miniatur Wunderland

Have you always wanted to take the train to the Swiss Alps, Las Vegas and across the fjords of Scandinavia? In Miniatur Wunderland, the largest model railway exhibition in the world, you can travel the world – in just one day. The 8-mile train track crosses the most beautiful model landscapes and tiny people head out to see the Northern Lights, taste some Swiss chocolate or go plane spotting.

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Travelling the world by train

Miniatur Wunderland is divided into 8 sections: Switzerland, Austria, America, Scandinavia, Hamburg, Harz, the fictional town of Knuffingen, and Knuffingen Airport. Upon entry you will immediately see one of the showpieces: a miniature Switzerland. Trains chug up and down the breathtaking valleys, along villages and across rivers. Go through a dark cave full of caverns and stalactites and up one floor for a close-up look of the snow-covered peaks of the Matterhorn. Fictional Knuffingen is a lively city with 6,000 inhabitants. Traffic here is very hectic, but when a fire breaks out the fire fighters arrive quickly at the scene. Knuffingen Airport is also very busy: planes are constantly landing and taking off from the 45-feet-long runway. Several feet further lies Harz, a green hilly landscape with picturesque German villages. Just take a peek at the huge fun fair that is taking place – a cheerful scene with more than 30,000 coloured lights. Have you always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon or hike through the Rocky Mountains? This is your chance. Visit America, where the most beautiful landscapes from the US have been reproduced in great detail. Look for alligators in the Everglades, admire a totem pole in an Indian village and watch a round of roulette in dazzling Las Vegas.

Scandinavian navigation

Scandinavian navigation

A winter wonderland

One of the most impressive designs is Scandinavia: a chain of mountains, fjords, meadows and above all, lots and lots of water – almost 30,000 litres. Sail across the Arctic Ocean and watch how the coastal landscape changes with high and low tide. A herd of reindeer makes its way through the snow, and on top of a mountain stands the enchanting Egeskov Castle. With a bit of effort you will also be able to spot Pippi Longstocking. Also, don’t miss out on the magical Northern Lights that light up the sky after dark.

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